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  • James Judge

Developments in dispute resolution (with Amber Williams CEO - Resolution Institute)


Today I’m talking to Amber Williams the CEO of the Resolution Institute. The institute is the largest dispute resolution membership organisation across Australia and New Zealand.

In the discussion we cover

  • How running a member organisation is different from working for a corporate or government organisation.

  • What’s the different between mediator accreditation in Australia and New Zealand

  • What other forms of dispute resolution practitioners are there and what standards exist to regulate them?

  • Expert determination (what is it and how might you become one)?

  • The role of mediation and legal practice in dispute resolution.

  • Restorative practice - similarities and differences between Australia and New Zealand.

  • What else is emerging in the practice of dispute resolution that might interest listeners?

Reviews and comments welcome.

A picture of James Judge featuring on the People and Culture Podcast


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