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  • James Judge

Insights from Architecture (with Chris Millman and Margot McGinness)

In this episode I explore what's been happening in the world of work in a specific industry, the business of architecture. I'm joined by Chris Millman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cox Architecture as well as Margot McGinness, their HR Managers based in Canberra.

Although both guests come from the same company, they have varied background and with Cox being a multidisciplinary practice with studios all around Australia, they offer some broader insights into this industry sector as a whole.

We talk about what systemic impacts there have been to the way they work as a result

of the global pandemic, including flexible working arrangements and other changes to policies and practices. We also discuss how this has affected different groups of employees and issues of fairness (and perceptions of fairness).

The question of striking a balance between compulsion and choice in how and where people work comes up and we also discuss. among other things, what implications this might have on staff attraction and retention as well as what it's meant in relation to working with clients..

I hope you find the conversation informative. Let me know of any other topics you'd like me to explore?


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