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  • James Judge

Practical Reconciliation (with Aunty Munya and Carla Rogers)


It's national recognition week in Australia so I'm very excited that the first episode of the second series of the People and Culture podcast is all about practical reconciliation and ally-ship. In this episode I’m joined by Indigenous Elder Aunty Munya Andrews and Educator, Carla Rogers, from Evolve Communities to talk about Practical Reconciliation.

We discuss what reconciliation means and also explore the process they set out in their book 'Practical Reconciliation' on what steps organisations and individuals can take to embark on this process.

I also got to explore some issues I didn't fully understand (I should let everyone reading this know that I'm not Indigenous) including what is meant by the term 'Aboriginality' and what is behind the trend towards using traditional, non-colonial, names for places in Australia.

I hope you find the conversation informative & let me know of other topics you would like me to explore?


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