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  • James Judge

The workplace implications of domestic and family violence

As part of our commitment to keeping leaders abreast of topical issues impacting on the world of work, we are presenting a session on the Workplace Implications of Family Violence at the ACT office of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) on Tuesday 13th of September.

Domestic and family violence is a significant and ongoing issue in our community with an alarming number of women experiencing some form of abuse at some stage of their life. When you consider that two-thirds of Australian women who report violence by a current partner are in paid employment, the problem is hard to ignore. This type of violence impacts health, productivity and potentially the workplace safety of both victims and co-workers.

Addressing the complex problems involved with family violence requires long-term commitment from not only governments and stakeholders but the broader community. In this session we will explore the social and economic costs of domestic and family violence while examining some of the legislative and policy framework around family violence in Australia. Importantly, we will also discuss the impact of family violence in the workplace, consider some case law and explore some of the responses managers and organisations might take to tackle this pernicious problem.

I will be joined by Mr David Matthews (the Coordinator General for Family Safety for the ACT Government). David is responsible for leading cultural change in the ACT on the issue of family and domestic violence, particularly in relation to collaboration and information sharing.

This session is part of an AIM roundtable series, which seeks to provide Members with an opportunity for professional development and networking to develop vital skills as managers and leaders. This informal lunch is designed for you to take away relevant and practical insights on the workplace implications of domestic and family violence.

To attend, please register here.

Event Details:

Tuesday 13 September 12:30pm – 2:00pm AIM Canberra 14 Childers Street, Canberra Members $45 per person Non-Members $60 per person


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