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  • James Judge

Together Apart, Connecting Hybrid Workforces - HR in the driver’s seat with Ingrid Jenkins (Ep3)

One of the biggest problems facing HR right now is how to facilitate connections between their hybrid workforces.

We know from recent Microsoft research that remote working has caused our distant networks to shrink, meaning employees could miss out on critical opportunities to network, learn and expand their professional circles. So how should HR intervene?

In this episode I discuss these and other pressing questions with Ingrid Jenkins, head of HR at Microsoft Australia. We explore the benefits and pitfalls of a hybrid workforce and hear Ingrid’s thoughts on creating connections in a remote work environment.

This is the third episode in the series which is sponsored content on behalf of Leaseplan, initially published in HRM, the news site of the Australian HR Institute.

Let me know if you found the discussion useful?


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