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  • James Judge

Understanding Domestic and Family Violence In The Workplace - Online Course

I put together a short online course on the Workplace Implications of Domestic Violence with the good people from the Workplace Mental Health Institute (WMHI).

It shows how managers and employers can build capacity to manage domestic and family violence when it spills over into the workplace. It also explains how to confidently and compassionately deal with these issues, discusses barriers to disclosure, and how to constructively think about issues like workplace safety.

Great introduction to the topic and very reasonably priced for those wanting an online module including.

  • People in leadership positions in Australian workplaces who carry risk or health & safety obligations.

  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders responsible for the health of their teams.

  • Anyone wanting a better understanding of the legal ramifications of domestic and family violence in the workplace.

Remote working and lockdowns have had a noted impact on both the reporting of domestic violence and the demand for related services.


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