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  • James Judge

Workplace drug & alcohol testing – a seminar for developing a workplace program

The Australasian Medical Review Officers Association (AMROA) is running a one day seminar on drug and alcohol testing at work on Friday, 22 March at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney. The seminar is designed for those who want to be confident that their workplace is not impacted by alcohol and other drugs (AOD). Topics covered include.

  • What are the drivers for having an AOD program.

  • Types of tests, how testing is done.

  • Key principles and elements of a good AOD program.

  • The role of a Medical Review Officer.

  • The legal context – what is allowed and not (power to apply policy – power to test).

  • Industrial considerations, procedural fairness.

  • Policy framework examples including safety and non-safety sensitive framework.

  • The consultation and implementation process.

The program involves many specialists including a chief medical advisor to a range of blue chip companies, the head doctor of Qantas, legal advisers, HSU & ACTU representatives and a world-renowned pathologist in AOD testing.

AMROA’s mission is to contribute to safe and healthy, alcohol and drug free workplaces by promoting the highest standards of medical practice and advice provided to organisations undertaking alcohol and other drug programs.

By end of the seminar you will have created a ‘core’ document (based on your specific context) that can be further refined after consultation.

You can register for the seminar here.


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